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30 Sep 2003

I must get round to photographic some of my art work so I can finally sell the stuff - its just kicking around taking up space at the moment. Oh if only I had time for everything.

16 Sep 2003

Great value Eurotunnel and eurostar breaks

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So how can you guarantee great prices and a trouble free break? The cheapest deals come from sourcing a hotel and travel deal separately online, but these can be a major headache should either the hotel or travel booking get cancelled and you end up without one element of your travel arrangements.

However using a Bonded to trust based tour operator with a gives extra peace of mind. In difficult situations they will advise and provide alternatives without you having to worry about phoning round yourself. Prices are actually pretty competitive, as the larger tour operators bulk buying of travel and room allocations mean discounts and in times of trouble extra leverage over the transport and hotel aspects of the booking.

Check that your tour operator hand pick only hotels that meet the highest standards rather than using a site that lists every hotel in every destination. Eurotunnel Breaks are highly recommended by for travellers that like taking a short break with their cars. It takes just a 35 minute crossing time with fast loading and unloading time. Your break, will be enjoyable if you plan in advance, get yourself an itinerary and find out what is going on in the area near to where you are staying so you can book tickets in advance and really maximise your break.

Yawn another tuesday done!

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