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27 Dec 2012

Modified cars top 10 mods

Coming up to the end of 2012 we thought it was time to update this blog. We are fast approaching 250,000 posts in our busy and friendly car tuning forum.

This is fantastic news and our membership list goes from strength to strength. We have been busy tweaking things behind the scene to make the site much faster and more responsive.

We are planning a lot of growth in 2013 and plenty of new articles so keep checking back for updates. We have recently added a top 10 car mods list.

One of the most commonly asked car tuning questions is what are the best mods so we've summarized it all in one easy to read page with links to detailed explanations and tips and tricks for each mod type.

Let us know what you think of this article and if you think we've missed off any essential mods. We are also keen to hear from our readers about any mods you feel we should cover in more detail or any articles you feel we should update.

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