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3 May 2007

One of the things that really get members of the Torquecars tuning club wound up are the state of the roads - particularly the surface of them.

Pot holes and ruts are really annoying, they distract the driver creating the impression that the car is about to fall to pieces or considerably affect the handling of the car. Ruts are often caused by lorries and heavy vehicles running over soft tarmac. The undulating road causes a wave like bounce with each vehicle repeating the process and thereby deepening the rut. Pot holes are a sign of extreme wear on a road surface and can also indicate poor construction.

The damage caused by running over a deep pothole is certainly not negligible and ranges from the cost of a suspension realignment to a replacement hub or drive shaft in the worst cases. For tips on suspension setting and setup read this suspension tuning article.

The addition of speed bumps are another obstacle the modern driver has to cope with and the general poor maintenance of our roadways adds an unnecessary amount to the maintenance of a car. We strongly recommend that you avoid driving over pot holes and take time to report them to your local authority. If the motorist sticks together on this issue we will surely see an improvement in the state of our roads and we will all save money in unnecessary maintenance costs.

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