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28 May 2007

Phsycology of thanking other drivers

The way we thank other drivers for letting us go through tells a lot about our personality:- Interested to hear your impression on these and any others you think of (keep the gestures friendly though ).

  • Nod - Nervous driver typically too scared to take hands off the wheel.
  • Thumbs up - Younger hot hatch driver who has just taken advantage (Cheeky person).
  • Full Palm - The older Jaguar driver usually does this (Denote confidence).
  • Wave of the Hand - an old Jedi mind trick useful when you are in a hurry!
  • Thumb and little finger extended with bend wrist - Gangster tendancies shown usually by a wannabee rapper!
  • Index finger raised - Usually done when other driver has only just managed to realise he has to give way - a token thanks.
  • Index and first finger raised. - A Bit PAPAL this one again typically done by the older driver in a Mercedes who actually owns the road you are on!
  • Both Hands wave - Muppet style thanks - you recognised the other driver and they are oblivious to who you are. (This one is fun to do to see the reaction. One Torquecars member reported "just thought i'd let you know i tried the muppet wave tonight......a word of warning to other drivers, do not try this at home.....the guy i done the muppet wave at was so shocked that he just missed hitting his jag off the railings")
  • Flash of the lights - All social interaction is shunned by these loners - all their holiday pics are of scenes with no people in them.
  • V Sign (backwards) - Churchill style Victory salute 'cos you won the game of chicken.

The List goes on and on - but we are firm belivers that the way you thank other drivers says a lot more about your personality than you would like to admit! Please visit the Torquecars site for original articles on driving, tuning and styling cars (a bit more serious than this one) we would also encourage you to consider becomming a member and getting involved in topical motorist related discussion in the forum.

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