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19 Jun 2015

Latest news from TorqueCars

We have been busy adding new articles to our site, there are some engine specific tuning guides in the pipeline.

It makes more sense to cover each engine in great detail rather than just give a generic overview for each model of car. Most of the modifications done to a car happen on the engine, which makes sense as this is the powerplant of the car.

We were driving through Deal, Kent and came across a free classic car show, it is a real pleasure to see some of these older cars restored to the as new condition. Deal is actually a very nice town to visit and is way off the beaten track so you are unlikely to visit it unless you know it is there.

DPF filters still seem to cause our members a great deal of problems. Usually this is down to the driving style, use of the car and the maintenance carried out. Our new article shows how to fully clean your DPF filter if it has started to clog up. Leave it too late and you'll be sorry as you'll need the services of a mechanic and will probably have to invest in a new filter at great cost, you can read our top tips on DPF filters here.

We hope you are enjoying the summer and have some great plans for your car. Keep it safe though and save racing for the track where you can fully explore your cars limits and hone your driving skills in a safe environment.

Stay tuned for more top tips on car tuning and modifying cars. We are always after tips and suggestions on articles we can cover so please drop us a message using the feedback forms around our site.

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