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27 Feb 2016

What is torque and BHP.

This question regularly crops up.

Here is one of the clearest and most detailed articles we've seen on this topic. What is Torque And what is BHP?

So what are the differences and why is it important to know the Torque Figure.

We look at the difference between Torque and BHP, how you calculate torque and what this figure tells you about an engine.

We also examine BHP. Firstly torque is a measure of power. It explains how much push a car gives or the turning power of the engine.

Horsepower = Torque x rpm/5252
Torque = Horsepower x 5252/rpm

Torque tells you the turning force of the engine and how much work it is doing. BHP just lists the power output of the engine and doesn't tell you much about the turning force although both are reflections of an engines power.

Change gear just after the torque tails off for the best effect and maximum in gear acceleration. The peak torque band is where the cars pulling power is.

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