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26 Apr 2007

I can't get over the silly lawsuits that people have got away with.

A 19 year old from LA was awarded over $70,000 and medical costs when his neighbour ran over his hand. The 19 year old was stealing the hubcars and didn't see his neighbour get into the car!

Then Mrs Grazinski from Oklahoma was pleased with her new 32 foot winnebago. She put the cruise control on and went into the back to make a cup of tea. Unsuprisingly the vehicle careered off the road. She successfully sued Winnebago because they didn't explain in the manual that the cruise control was not a replacement for the driver! She was awarded over one and a half million dollars plus got a new motorhome.

It's people like this that put up the cost of insurance for the rest of us.

Perhaps I should sue Audi for leaving the parking brake off on a hill and getting run over by the car. Or maybe I should throw a burning rag into the fuel tank to see what happens (they didn't say anything in the manual about not doing that!!

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