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24 Apr 2007

I cleaned my car at the weekend. That is the trouble with hot sunny days - the car gets covered with dust. Guess what I've discovered - its purple! I got fed up with the layer of dust and wasn't sure if I should plough it and sow potatoes or just go with a thorough wash.

In the end I decided to wash it and it's come up great. There is a bit of a problem with tar splats - and didn't have any idea how to remove them easily. I've tried kitched cleaner and washing up liquid. Someone suggested a bit of petrol on a rag and this has worked a treat - no tar, no stains and no birdy do do.

Its always amazing how many new dents/stone chips and imperfections you pick up on when the car is clean. So the next job is to touch up the stone chips and try to remove the dents!

(24 hours later and the birds haven't located it so I'm well happy!)

I used the information posted at Torquecars car cleaning tips to get the best result and even got my wife to help me out with it! The paint has come up really nicely and all that remains is to slap on a bit of polish and we are finished.

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