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25 Apr 2007

I see so many cars which have been ruined by tacky or tasteless modifications. This blog will concentrate on useful tuning (for power) and tasteful styling modifications to cars and act as a guide to ensure that tacky cars are not going to fill up our streets and highways. (I hope!)

When adding styling to a car you really need to plan things out carefully in advance. When you just start bolting things on at random you are asking for a visit from the style police. The most sucessful show cars are ones which are themed. So perhaps you might go with a racing theme and cover the car with carbon fibre vents and scoops. You might go with a girly pink look and cover the interior dash in Pink furry fabric! The key is to get the theme right then buy the parts and accessories to go with it rather than just try and make a part fit in because you happen to have seeen it in the bargain bin of the shop.

When modding a cars engine or suspension, many people forget that they have to live with the car and create a fuel burning, harsh riding car which is very impractical. The car styling guide gives a wide range of practical advice and help.

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