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27 Apr 2007

Many people take tuning a little too far. Torquecars decided to make it easy for people to know if they have gone too far with this little article.

You know when you've overtuned your car ...

... When you put your foot to the floor and watch your engine and front wheels zoom off up the road taking half the car with it!
... When you set car alarms off as soon as your 24" sub kicks in.
... When the pistons rip themselves away from the con rod and fly through the head!
... When valves skip at idle!
...When you make babies cry when you drive past.
... When you could blow away all competition at the lights, if only your engine would idle
...When you know you could overtake that bicycle if only the road was flat! Doh!
... When you can pass everything except for a petrol station.
... When you get torque steer in fourth in a diesel car in the dry.
... When it still moves with the engine switched off because there is 7 inches travel on the sub woofers!
... When birds and small children get sucked through the radiator

These suggestions were supplied by Torquecars members who are a die hard bunch of car tuners and car modders. There are lots more posts like this one in the Torquecars tuning club

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